Our Mobile Shredding Truck

Shredmobile uses secure, state-of-the-art mobile paper shredding technology.
On board our truck, powered by it’s diesel motor and driven by it’s PTO system, our shredder utilizes advanced high-speed hammermill shredding technology. It produces the smallest shred size in the commercial mobile shredding industry and permanently destroys sensitive information. With all of the machinery contained on board, our truck was designed and built for the specific purpose of shredding paper and does so at a rate of 5,000 pounds per hour.
Under your supervision, your paper is placed into wheeled totes or carts that are lifted by our truck and emptied into the industrial capacity shredder. You are ensured that all your documents are pulverized into a mix of confetti with very little handling on our part. The shredded material is contained within the box of the truck and we haul it away for recycling.
Not all shredding is destroying!
Incomplete shredding leaves businesses vulnerable. Some forms of shredding, such as strip shredding, cross shredding and pierce and tear shredding, can be reassembled. High-speed hammermill shredding technology literally pummels your documents to bits. It reduces your files to the smallest shred size in the mobile shredding industry, providing you with maximum security in a very short period of time.