About Shredmobile

Shredmobile's commitment to you:

On or off-site document destruction services.
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No need to store and maintain shredding equipment! Shredmobile provides secure options for storing documents at your premises.
Fast, efficient response and rapid document demolition.
Most service calls take less than 15 minutes. State-of-the-art paper shredding technology pulverizes 5,000 lbs of paper in an hour.
Reliable, responsible, confidential.
Your employees or officers may view the shredding.
We provide secure, lockable containers A Certificate of Destruction can be provided.
Fair pricing.
There are no fees to dispose of your shredded waste.
We pledge to meet or beat any legitimate competitor's bid.
Friendly, convenient, no-hassle service.
A call or email will bring Shredmobile service to you, usually within 24 hours of your request.
Environmentally friendly
Shredmobile makes your discarded documents part of an environmentally sound recycling process that generates no harmful emissions, does not clog landfills or dumps, and turns waste materials into new usable paper. After the paper shredding process is complete, shredded material is sent off, baled and reprocessed, and ultimately made into recycled paper and paper products.

Shredmobile is a Tucson-based business founded in 1997. It is owned and operated by Alex Broschat, CEO and Managing Member.

5060 N. Calle Tobosa
Tucson AZ 85749
Phone: (520) 825-2556
Email: Alex@shredmobile.net